Bernard Aucouturier

Bernard Aucouturier (1934, Tours, France) is the founder of the “Pratique psychomotrice éducative-preventive et d’aide thérapeutique”.
He graduated at the “Académie Nationale de Médecine” in Lyon, France, where he worked as Professor of physical education.

The development of the APP®

Professor Bernard Aucouturier began his research in the early Sixties when he was the Head of the “Centre d’Education Physique Specialisée” in Tours, France. During this time the first theoretical ideas of “psychomotricity” were being developed in France by Jean Le Boulch (Aucouturier’s University Professor in Lyon, France) and Pierre Vayer. He initially worked with children with physical, emotional and behavioural disorders, and later he applied his method in kindergartens and  primary schools. He developed the theoretical foundations of APP® in the education and therapeutic fields on the basis of his observations of games played by infants and his direct experiences with children of all background and personal situations. He collaborated many years with André Lapierre with whom he wrote several books. He was influenced by the theories of Jean Piaget and Henry Wallon, both developmental psychologists, who underlined the important role of movement, action and tonic dialogue in the acquisition of all developmental stages, emotional and cognitive abilities. He was also influenced by the theories of D.H. Winnicott who stressed the importance of the environment (“the holding environment”) and by De Ajuriaguerra.

Professor Bernard Aucouturier has written several books. He writes and teaches in seminars to APP® students, teachers, psychologists, pedagogists, etc.. all over Europe, South America and South Africa.

On September 26th, 2010, the E.I.A – École Internationale Aucouturier, was founded in Tours, France.


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