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Psychomotor specialists work in the field of prevention, education, re-education, rehabilitation and research. Psychomotor education and therapy can be used for any age group.

Psychomotor education is a developmental-based and therapeutic approach, the aim of which is to support and aid an individual’s personal development. It is based on a holistic view of human beings that considers each individual as a unity of physical, emotional and cognitive actualities, which interact with each other and the surrounding social environment.

Psychomotor specialists study the body and its expressivity. The body is regarded not merely as a mechanism with neurophysiological developments, but also as a reality with deep-rooted emotional traits, which have come about through somato-psychic experiences, particularly in early-childhood.

A School of Psychomotor education, named
“PRATIQUE PSYCHOMOTRICE AUCOUTURIER”  was developed by French pedagogist Bernard Aucouturier .

On January 30, 2009, Professor Bernard Aucouturier registered his method with the logo “PPA®”.
Any use of the trade mark and / or name must be authorized by Prof. Aucouturier or by the regional authorized training centers/ or schools.

About Anna

She received her Diploma in PPA® in 1996, after a three-year course at the accredited school in Milan, Italy (CNRPP) under the direction and supervision of Prof. Grazia Cenerini and Prof. Bernard Aucouturier.
For about two years she worked as an educator in training at the Waldorf School for children with special needs, working particularly with children with autism. In 2006 brought Educative Psychomotor Practice activity in the public school (kindergarten) in the town of Chiasso, Switzerland which was the first implementation in Switzerland. The project was very successful and also gave current APP students apprenticeship opportunities. She is also interested in Waldorf education and Therapeutic Riding.
She currently works at Little Earth School in Santa Fe NM as pre-school teacher.

Contact information:

Anna Fonti Connell
Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
email address: anna_connell@yahoo.com

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